December 6, 2008

This Is What You Do When You Disagree With Somoene Else's Advertisements

So you don't like atheists taking out advertisements proclaiming their existence? Your only resort is to take out ads of your own. And that is exactly what someone is doing. A Christian woman in the DC area, unhappy with the American Humanist Association's advertisements on the Metro, is raising money to post advertistements there of her own.

Personally, I don't find her advertisement convincing or a very powerful rebuttal, but that's not the point. The point is, she is responding to speech she dislikes with speech of her own. This is exactly the right thing to do and I commend her and the people who support her for taking this step to express their own point of view -- peacefully, within the boundaries of the law, and without resort to censorship.

H/T to Hemant Mehta.

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