December 7, 2008

A Resolution Realized

I decided late last year to try and write an average of three blog posts a day for an entire year. That goal has now been accomplished. 2008 was a leap year, with 366 days. That meant my goal was 1,098 posts for the year. This is post number 1,100 for 2008. To be sure, not every post is dense and long; but not every post is a squib with a link or just a picture, too. You get a random sample of my mental activities with this blog; sometimes I think deeply about stuff, sometimes I see something interesting that I feel like pointing out, and sometimes I'm just living my life and writing about it.

So what next? I can go a couple different directions -- I keep on wanting to write some real fiction. I keep on wanting to dig in to do some serious law writing again. I keep on wanting to learn about some aspect of ancient history in greater depth to write about that. I wonder if this blog can become a destination place, but I see the amount of work that goes into "destination" blogs and frankly, unless it was something I could afford to do full-time, that's more work than I care to do for free.

Would I have done it without you, the Readers? Well, probably I would have. But I have noticed a big spike in hits on the site in the past few weeks. For whatever reason, people seem to be finding my review of Quantum of Solace in response to Google searches. So maybe what I need to do is see more movies and write about them. But I do love writing and that's not going to stop.

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