December 13, 2008

Gifts Married Couples Give To Themselves

Our winter solstice present to ourselves was bought last night.

Here's how you know you're getting old and boring: your gift to yourselves is an appliance. That's right, The Wife and I got really romantic and bought a new dishwasher! I like that it will run quietly, unlike the jet engine test cell we've got installed now. The Wife likes that it has an upper-rack water jet, unlike the entry-level model that came with the house. We both like that it's black, in keeping with our S&M kitchen motif.

Not as cool and romantic as, you know, sparkly baubles, trips to Tahiti, or new cars. But then again, I had lunch yesterday whose holiday present to his wife was a new leach line for his septic tank. The TL household got a somewhat more romantic gift than that.

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