December 4, 2008

Cause For Skepticism

When a vampire tells you, "I want to bite your neck and suck your blood so I can predate on you like I've been doing for years. But I promise that now I won't take too much blood from you," you might be well-advised to look closely at the details because chances are your best interests are not the motive force behind that offer.

Consider that wisdom when evaluating this bit of news: the UAW is making illusory concessions relative to the "legacy costs" dragging down the Big Three. This would do some good -- if it were real. As embeds in the link explain, the two major concessions are only a minor tinker and a delay in timing of payments -- the bottom line costs to the Big Three will remain more or less the same, and the UAW wants the chance to suckle milk directly from the public teat in exchange. The vampire has sucked this victim white already, and there's no reason to think he'll restrain himself.

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