December 28, 2008

Green Bay Wins

Perfection has been achieved at last. Nothing can stand between Detroit and the #1 draft pick now. Missed in all the coverage of the abysmal result for the Lions is the fact that Aaron Rodgers had a damn good game: 21-31, with 308 yards, 3 TD's and a rating of 132.2. Granted that was against a not-exactly-impressive defense. All for naught, of course, since my mother-in-law's Minnesota Vikings will be going to the playoffs instead of Green Bay.

But the next time you think you're engaged in a mighty effort, realizing only futility, frustration, and failure -- remember the 2008 Detroit Lions. This is a team of guys who have worked all their lives to play in the NFL, who distinguished themselves and proved themselves at every step along the way of a very competitive process, and managed to finally have a grab at the brass ring -- only to fall short of touching it, sixteen times in a row. Better luck next year, fellas.

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