November 1, 2008

Forget Something?

Republicans in Florida, readying their last-ditch GOTV and last-weekend campaigning, have begun distributing these signs:Seems to me that there's something, well, missing from that sign. And that there are a lot of people in the party who are going to be partisans for a certain folksy Governor from Alaska in about three years. Realistically, at this point she looks like she has a real shot at it, although I will almost certainly be supporting some other candidate instead of her in the 2012 primary.

My only real critique is that it's bad form for Palin (or, technically, her supporters) to be giving McCain the ol' heave-ho before he actually loses. These are the people who are supposed to be insisting that McCain-Palin still has a shot at winning.

(Photo from CNN on linked article.)

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