March 31, 2008

Weekends Are Light

The past couple of weekends, I haven't blogged at all. Too busy, then too lazy. Mowing the lawn consumes energy and time. Then other stuff has to get done that there's no time for during the work week, taking care of the house most of the time. This weekend, which will be the height of the poppy season, will likely see us cleaning out our garage. Readership is low on the weekends anyway. I got spiked with readers last week but this week I'm down to about my regular 100 unique readers a day. But, I'm still averaging over three posts a day and will exceed 1,110 posts for the year at this rate. Hopefully, I get good at it eventually.

1 comment:

zzi said...

Hopefully, I'll get good at it eventually.

I would say you made it.