March 23, 2008

Look, Honey, We're Suburbanites Again!

Happily, the replacement lawn mower worked. By the time I got to the front lawn yesterday, most of the grass was a good nine inches tall and some of the neighbors were no doubt wondering if we'd abandoned the house. (In this market, that's a serious concern.) This makes working a low-horsepower lawnmower something of a challenge (the tall grass does, not my neighbors' concerns). But it got done. And the back yard did today, after we came back from a Freudian Movie Club (today's selection: The Player, which was actually somewhat short on overarching Freudian themes, in my estimation, but certainly a movie worthy of some thought from a storytelling perspective). And The Wife and I had an Easter Egg hunt (we took turns hidings goodies for one another in the kitchen). Later this evening, we'll sit out in our back yard and enjoy the nice, windless day and freshly-mowed lawn, and maybe spend a little time visiting with our neighbors. It's suburban weekend paradise.

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