March 24, 2008

Good Punchline

Ouch. That that, Hillary!

By the way, the meme this week is that it's going to be next to impossible for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination. Once again, NAPP Readers, you heard it here first. I've been wrong before. I used to think it was Clinton's to lose and she'd have to do a lot of losing to lose it. But I dramatically underestimated the strength of Obama's fundraising and organizational machinery, and the power of his charisma and his message. Now, it looks like Obama's to lose, and the only thing that I can see making him lose it is if the Jeremiah Wright thing hurts him badly enough in Pennsylvania that Clinton gets more than 60% of the vote there.

As for a general election between Obama and McCain, well, that's really for the next act of the play. We're a long way from there. Between now and then, nobody knows nuthin', and anything could happen, and it ain't over 'till it's over. I admit that I'm kind of rooting for Obama -- the way a Dodgers fan might root for Whoever Is Playing The Yankees In The ALCS This Year. Not my fight, but I have a preference.

And, some of you may be wondering what a moderate Republican is doing putting up all these ads and giving all this copy space to Democrats. But if you're thinking that, ask yourself this: isn't the Democratic infight good for Republicans? Isn't John McCain the real winner of the ongoing Clinton-Obama feud?