March 12, 2008

Contact Your Representative! Or, Maybe Contact This One.

Almost ten years ago, The Onion ran a famous piece of satire, about how the success of advancing the "homosexual agenda" in public schools had increased "gay recruitment." I'd be willing to believe that this piece of news parody has been taken seriously by people who really believe that there is such a thing as the "homosexual agenda" and don't realize that The Onion is a humor website. Perhaps that's because the people who take the article seriously are themselves the target of the humor.

A real homosexual's agenda is probably pretty boring. For example, see the illustration on the right.

Why is this my hobby horse? Because it seems that there are still people out there, who despite having been viciously lampooned on the subject for their ignorance, continue to crusade against homosexuals. They're in our Legislatures, claiming that the mere tolerance of homosexuals is more dangerous to America than radical Islamic terrorists. Ridiculous statements like that deserve to be widely publicized and the speakers of them deserve the ridicule that they invite upon themselves.

If you agree with me that the linked speech is anachronistic, ignorant, and an embarassment to modern political and social discourse, I encourage you to let the author of the speech know.

Sally Kern
Oklahoma State House of Representatives, District 84
2713 Sterling Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
(405) 557-7348

I'm sure she'd be happy to hear from you.

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