March 3, 2008

Golden Boy Gets A Pass

A trial started in Chicago today. While neither the prosecution nor the defense will play up the relationship between political corruption defendant Tony Rezko and Barack Obama, the connection was there and at least some tainted money found its way into Obama’s campaign (he gave it to charity when the allegations came to light). Obama has cut his relationship with Rezko loose, and hasn’t done anything to help Rezko out. What’s more, the national media doesn’t seem to want to cover this, apparently because it interferes with the Obama storyline of hope and promise.

I’m sorry; Obama may well be innocent of corruption (with respect to Rezko or anyone else), but if this were happening to a past compatriot of a Republican – or maybe even to a past compatriot of Hillary Clinton – we’d be hearing all about the connection to the candidate in explicit terms. Obama doesn’t get a pass on this because he’s likeable. Or at least, he shouldn’t. Doesn't seem fair.

Fact is, Obama is as tainted by corruption as anyone – he did have all of his early political career in Chicago. That doesn’t mean he’s corrupt himself. It means he was near people who are. That is what should be explored, as aggressively as it would be for any other candidate.


zzi said...

Golden Boy
You don't want the Stanley Mosk "types" getting a hold of this headline. You might loss your Starbuck privileges(-:

Burt Likko said...

Oh noes! No more four-dollar lattes for me!

It's a price I'd be willing to pay.