April 16, 2007


Only half my students showed up to class tonight. Today was the day that midterm papers were due. I haven't got papers handed physically from the two who didn't show up, and they haven't sent them in by e-mail either.

I wonder if they'll be back. Not turning in the paper on the due date is not a good sign for that. I would have never imagined that a 1,500 word paper would have scared away graduate students. But it looks like the evidence is right there in front of me.


zzi said...

I did a quick cut and paste of the first page of your blog and your word count was 5192. That's not including the blog's labels and such. It's pretty bad out here when it comes to students handing in assignments.

Salsola said...

Darn, I was going to point out how long your average blog post is as compared to your paper's requirement, but someone beat me to it. :)

-- Spungen

Burt Likko said...

So you can see why I'm astonished that graduate students would shrink from producing 1,500 words. I come up with 1,500 words, literally, over breakfast.

zzi said...

I think you can do eight fifty brushing your teeth.