April 22, 2007

She Won

Yesterday was The Wife's Toastmasters competition. Despite a raging headache that medicine would not relieve, I went to the event to support her, and had a reasonably good time in spite of the event starting an hour late.

The Wife competed in the "Tall Tales" contest, in which a humorous speech, containing exaggerations and high levels of emotional content, are told to the point that credulity is stretched. Her speech, told in the person of a gossipy, empty-headed, 13-year old girl, was very funny.

She won. That means she now has the right to represent this division in the regional championship, or to represent the area in the divisional championships, or the region in the area championship, or something like that. The point is she's now competing at the multi-state level and so in a couple of weeks, we need to go to Las Vegas so she can do that. (No complaints here!) The Las Vegas competition in the step before the national competition, which will be in San Diego. The international championship will be in Phoenix. Seems to me we can afford to go to all of these places if the occasion demands.

I'm proud of The Wife and I'm looking forward to seeing her compete in Las Vegas. Now if only the headache would go away.


Salsola said...

Congratulationa to Becky!
I'd love to hear the speech. Maybe she can come to zen dinner and do it for us?

-- Spungen

Arnie said...

That's wonderful. Good luck to her at the next contest!

zzi said...

Is her speeches as long as your posts ;-) Congrats!