April 27, 2007

Political Incentives

Eugene Volokh suggests that “exploiting 9/11” is really the political process working as intended.  I agree with Prof. Volokh that a past incidence of a politician’s response to an emergency situation is probably the best and most telling thing that suggests what that person’s future performance in a time of need will be like.  Of course, I’m an unrepentant advocate for Rudy Giuliani and I think it’s entirely fair that he should get to tout his performance on that day, and afterwards, as part of his credentials and qualifications for President – and I accept that if he’s going to do that, he fairly subjects himself to criticism for things that could have been done better (sixth paragraph down), too.  Maybe some of you non-Giuliani supporters would care to dissent?


zzi said...

More Hitchens (sp) posts! Audio is great also.

Burt Likko said...

Mark Kleiman of the Reality-Based Community has a counterargument to Professor Volokh's, which can be read here. I'm not convinced.