April 15, 2007


Congratulations! You are reading the 1,000th published post on this blog. To celebrate this landmark, here are some attempts by people to portray the millennium:

The Millennium Bean in Boston's Millennium Park. Big but kind of underwhelming.

An intriguing TV series, full of dread and interesting ideas, that never seemed to go anywhere. Again, kind of underwhelming, especially coming from Chris "The X-Files" Carter. Haven't heard much from him recently.

London's Millennium Eye, a super-Ferris wheel built for the jubilee in 2000. See my comments above about the gigantic bean.

This is all cool, but if you're going to celebrate a millennium, this is what you need:

Sure, it's only a model, but it's still the most impressive thing with the word "Millennium" attached to it. Admit it: when you were a kid, you wanted to fly it, too.

Thanks for your continued readership, everyone.

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