April 3, 2007

Movies and TV

The DVR program guide went out a few days ago. Rebooting hasn't fixed it. And Time Warner can't fix it. We haven't had the ability to see what's on TV except by actually watching the channels. The recording function doesn't work. So The Wife wants to cancel the cable TV altogether. I'm beginning to think that's a good idea myself.

On a perhaps related note, "Knife Set" won last week's poll for the best wedding gift of all my admittedly unoriginal ideas. So now, I'm wondering about movies.

We just saw a pretty good one last week -- a manly libertarian action fantasy -- so that whetted my appetite for movies. Looking ahead to the big movies for the summer, I notice almost all of them are sequels. So, what do you Loyal Readers think will be good this summer?


zzi said...

Some of us still use a VCR.

Burt Likko said...

So because some people still use VCR's we should be happy that our cable company is not delivering the functional DVR it promised to?

zzi said...

2 words "Direct TV"