January 16, 2007

New New Super Bowl

I liked Seattle, Indianapolis, New Orleans and New England last week. Got three of those four picks right. Importantly, the upset I got right (New England beating San Diego by a field goal) won me a six-pack from my buddy. Now I have to find the time to go down to Oceanside to collect.

This week, I again like New England, and I also like New Orleans. If I'm right, that will be two "New" teams in the Super Bowl.

Sorry, Bears fans, but despite some occasionally very impressive play, it seems to me that there's something rotten in the state of Denmark Illinois -- notably but not exclusively the quarterback situation. Certainly the 2001 Baltimore Ravens proved that with an outstanding defense, a team can go all the way with an adequate-at-best QB.

And I'm not saying that because I'm a Packer fan and there's a rivalry there. Chicago dominated the NFC this year, and the Bears deserve props for doing it. Despite how it can look sometimes, no game is easy, and a 13-3 record speaks for itself. But there doesn't seem to be any joy on the team; there seems instead to be surprise, and the times Chicago's been beaten, it's been beaten convincingly. And Arizona nearly beat them, which says a lot.

Besides, who dat gonna beat dem Saints?

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