January 14, 2007

Fish Kebabs

One of our guests last night has some dietary restrictions, namely lactose intolerance and no meat. Fish, however, was OK, so I made fish kebabs.

Upon announcing this plan to a variety of people, the universal reaction was, "How are you going to keep the fish on the sticks?" Easy. Cube the meat into at least 1" chunks, make sure the fish is speared against the grain of the meat, and keep the fish cool while spearing it. I lost mushrooms from my kebabs, but no fish.

I marinated the fish (tuna) in a soy-orange-pineapple mix, with ginger, garlic, and sesame as my primary spices. Also on the kebabs were pineapple, red peppers, purple onions, mushrooms, and grape tomatoes. Accompanying the kebabs were saffron rice and crème brûlée (pre-approved by our guest; I'd have found a non-dairy dessert otherwise). Our guests brought hummus and pita chips, and a shrimp roux with an astonishing amount of bread. The Wife, afraid we wouldn't have enough to eat, asked me to steam up some broccoli and asparagus, and she made up another of her sweet spinach and berry salads.

It was way too much food. It felt a little bit bad throwing away so much food after dinner was done, but there was nothing for it. Most of the food was simply not going to be any good later. Next time, I think we need to have stricter rules about how much food people can bring.

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