January 9, 2007

Lunch Rush

I'm blogging with what's left of my lunch hour, so I need to be quick.

Three students showed up for last night's class. The school may well cancel the class if they can't get at least five. At least I got to listen to an interesting book on CD, and in the desert of eastern Los Angeles County, there are few lights, so the night sky was spectacular. I was right about not making it home until eleven at night -- grueling.

This morning (Pacific time), US gunships struck at al-Qaeda hideouts in Somalia, further dislodging the Islamist junta in favor of the Ethiopian-backed "transitional government" in that failed state. Wasn't it not too long ago that we considered Ethiopia to be a hostile government? Now we're helping it become a regional power in east Africa. Huh.

Maybe more later tonight; for now, I'm getting back to work. I've got court appearances, mediations, and depositions scheduled for two solid weeks in the future, so I'm a busy boy.

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