January 9, 2007

An Amusing Observation

Quoth Dick Morris about the four most prominent Republican Presidential hopefuls: "the only one of these guys who hasn't had multiple wives is the Mormon." If Morris is right, the hard-right social conservatives may not have anywhere else to go but to a "moderate" Republican in 2008; no one seems to give Sam Brownback or Duncan Hunter much of a chance.

But the appeal to those voters ought to be patently obvious to, of all people, Dick Morris. Any of Guiliani, McCain, Romney, or Gingrich can rather easily say, "Look, it's me or the witch, folks. Your choice."


Anonymous said...

"Married and childless by choice."
--being a male I will add it's your wife choice

Burt Likko said...

As it turns out, we both got a vote, and the decision was unanimous.

Anonymous said...

Until one changes their mind;-)
Anyway you picked LOTR she's picks Hitchcock. Like the site but I don't know how I got here.