March 31, 2006

Subversive to Intelligence

I recently discussed with The Wife the appalling state of high level academia, infected as it is with deconstructionism, critical theory, postmodernism, and other such nonsense. She didn't believe me until I was able to show her the random postmodernist essay generator, and explained that a longer article, written by the same program, was published in a peer-reviewed journal. In an age when scholars take seriously the idea that E=mc² is a bulwark of sexism and when an appropriately leftist-toned article condemning physics, admittedly nothing but meaningless nonsense, is published in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals, the prestige of all of the upper levels of academia should be questioned.

Far more intelligent and humorous, and equally subversive, is the recent series on Alien Loves Predator, in which Predator's "psychic" ex-girlfriend has a date with Bill Clinton.

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