August 9, 2007

Unimportant Public Affairs

Apparently, we’ve run out of meaningful things to ask the Presidential candidates. It’s just not really a high priority for the President of the United States to know how many counties there are in Massachusetts, even if the candidate is from there. I might have been more interested in Governor Romney’s answer to the question “Is the surge working?” but different voters have different kinds of issues they care about.

And in New York City, apparently the East River smells good, there hasn’t been a murder in weeks, no one is jumping subway turnstiles, housing has become affordable and of high quality, and graffiti has subsided. We can know this because having solved all of these other problems, the New York City Council is trying to ban use of the words “bitch” and “ho” when used as pejorative phrases for women, which is sure to degrade the quality of hip hop coming outta da NYC, yo.

It’s all about priorities, I guess.

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Daryl said...

Speaking of NYC and presidential candidates, there's a pretty scathing article on Giuliani in last month's Harper's. I'm usually inclined to read that liberal magazine pretty critically, but if the author's claims are even close to true, I don't like Giuliani nearly as much as I thought I did.