August 10, 2007

A Great Thing About Vacation

It's felt like I've been running in high gear for a solid week now. I've managed to oppose I don't even know how many motions, write responses to quite a bit of discovery, served as a pro tem judge, wrote and gave an anti-sexual harassment seminar, prepared and presided over a Toastmasters meeting, and juggled a variety of other personal commitments and schedules, including getting reservations for Napa. So much so that it's now the morning of the trip and I still haven't packed a thing. I have several hours to do that but it's amazing at how much stuff there can be in so short a time.

One of the reasons I have trouble sleeping from time to time is that my mind stays in high gear for a while after bedtime -- I overstimulate it, and it takes a while for the brain to relax after all the stimulation. No wonder, then, that it can take a while to drift off unless the point of exhaustion is reached. And then the critters get hungry and demand food, or The Wife gets up to get ready for work, so that's the end of that.

So maybe tomorrow night I'll be able to just sleep. I'm looking forward to that.

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