August 22, 2007

Football Scores

So I'm checking the baseball scores when I see that Texas beat Baltimore, 30-3. 30-3? That's not right. Yahoo Sports screwed up.

But it is right. I'd expect that sort of score in a football game. It is the most amount of runs scored by a team in one game for over a century. (The record was set on June 29, 1897, when the Chicago Colts beat the Louisville Colonels, 36-7.)

And here's to you, fantasy owners of Mike Young -- who went 2-for-5 on the winning side of this astonishing, once-in-a-lifetime hitfest... and got zero RBI's. As for those of you who were unfortunate enough to play sometime starter Brian Burress, well, he put up an impressive one-game ERA of one hundred and eight.

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