October 19, 2006

They Have Begun To Eat Their Own

If there's one thing politicians are really good at, it's explaining why every problem and difficulty is caused by someone else. If there's one thing that Republicans like doing more than fighting Democrats, it's fighting each other. And if there's one thing that inevitably happens in parties that lose power is that internal leadership will shift; obviously the old leaders couldn't keep the house in order. So seeing this sort of thing happen now, three weeks before the election, is a really good indication that now, Republicans are really expecting to lose Congress. Maybe even all of it.

And it seems I'm far from the only one who thinks of himself as right-of-center but nevertheless has come to the conclusion that this imminent sea change is a rich alloy of a well-deserved result of a blend of incompetence and arrogance. While the Democrats promise nothng better, the Republicans have done so badly that a change is necessary simply to indicate that what we've been getting is simply intolerable.

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