October 17, 2006

Spam, Spam, Spam (and Eggs)

People get different kinds of spam. Some people (amusingly a lot of women) seem to get penis-enlargement or performance-enhancing herbal supplement advertisements. There was also the enticements to buy straight-up porn. Time was, I could count on having to devote time every day to deleting unsolicited e-mails cluttering up my inbox promising release for my darkest fantasies and hot teen college girls doing naughty things I was promised that I just wouldn't believe.

But I don't get spam like that anymore. Now all I get are stock prods ("we've got a runner, get in now before it's too late!") and the occasional offer to refinance my house at low-low-low rates. This shift seemed to happen all of a sudden, and let's face it, compared to the thrill of spycam photos revealing forbidden lesbian lust, stock tips are pretty lame.

In a way, it makes me sad. It strongly suggests that spammers use the same kind of demographic filtering techniques that more legitimate advertisers do. Is there some database out there that says that now that I'm out of the 18-35 demographic, I'm apparently assumed to no longer be interested in enhanced manhood and skanky girls, and now all I care about is the promise of an engorged portfolio? Maybe it's the same folks who decided I was ready to dispose of my mortal remains and join the AARP that decided I wasn't buying enough internet pornography and needed to shift the advertising focus.

It'll be ads for fiber supplements and denture cream next!


Salsola said...

Don't lose hope. I think the spam filtering software catches the porn better than the stocks scams.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are still plenty of people who want to enlarge *my* wang.