October 19, 2006

Slow News Day

For a news junkie, a slow news day is kind of a drag. Today to find something worthwhile to read in the New York Times, I found an article about how normally conservatively-dressed women like to wear sexy, revealing costumes on Halloween. Really. Trust the Gray Lady to be on the cutting edge like that.

So instead, I've been enjoying checking in on the adventures of these two dudes, who are trying to hitchhike from Times Square to every state capitol in 50 days. The genius of their website is a tie-in to Google Maps and a GPS indicator that they carry with them everywhere. It seems to be a lot of college students helping them out. I don't know if they've figured out how to do Juneau and Honolulu just yet; obviously they can't go by land.

I also contemplated a fantasy football trade, Charlie Frye for Shaun Alexander. My team hasn't used Frye at all and the team that has Alexander needs a QB. We have some other RB's, so we can wait out Frye's injury but the other team needs to build up its points right now and has been weak in that area. Frye's done better than expected, so maybe they'll go for it. The trade makes sense on both ends, as I see it.

It's just as well, I've been busy at work. As I discussed with The Wife tonight, a day of constant interruptions is not a good way to complete any tasks at all. I need to learn how to filter out communications to me during the day better than I have been doing.

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