May 6, 2009

Some Sentiments On Global Warming I Can Get Behind

From Alan Stewart Carl at Donkelphant:

But, really, the skeptics’ fixation on proving the science false is just a symptom of the greater issue — namely that a lot of people are concerned that action to reduce CO2 emissions will drastically harm our economy without any serious benefit to the climate. [¶] If those who support combating global warming could drop the moralizing and adopt a “how can we do this without harming business” attitude, we might find more common ground.
And that's really kind of getting to the heart of the real issue. Things that reduce CO2 emissions are likely going to be good for the environment in other ways, too. The focus needs to be finding a business-friendly way to help the environment because it's not written in stone anywhere that these two concerns are diametrically opposed. It is the case, though, that harmonizing these interests will be difficult and require creative thinking from multiple perspectives -- scientists, politicians, and businesspeople should be working together rather than at loggerheads if what they want is to find a real solution to our problems. But that something is difficult does not mean that it is impossible.

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