May 7, 2009

Get Your Mustard News Elsewhere

What. The. Hell.

I check the news before leaving the office to have some drinks with some of the other lawyers and our friends. The big story is all about how Tom Ridge isn't going to run for Senate in Pennsylvania against Democrat Arlen Specter. Oh. Wasn't that Toomey guy going to run anyway?

So we have our drinks. We talk about movies. And sports. And traffic tickets. And the Supreme Court nomination. And one anothers' lives. It's a fine, fun, relaxing night. And I come home, put the animals to bed, try and not make too much noise because The Wife is already sleeping, and turn on the computer to check up on sports scores and see if anything interesting has happened in the news.

And the intertubes are full. I mean jam-packed. With a) outrage at, b) analysis of the outrage at, c) apologies for, and d) analysis of the apologies for, the fact that President Obama ordered Dijon mustard on his cheeseburger when he and Vice President Biden went to Ray's Hell Burger the other day. There doesn't seem to be a political or news site based in the USA that isn't leading with this story. It's the top banner on memeorandum.

Well, it ends here. This is just plain silly. I mean, we're not talking about arugula on the burger here. It's spicy mustard, people. Yes, he wanted the brown stuff, not the yellow stuff. Mustard. On a burger. That the President ate. Ooooh.

There's plenty of things to criticize about President Obama and the course he's taking with our government. He dumped huge money into Chrysler and we're damn sure never getting it back and it's doubtful GM will pay us back, either.* Billions of dollars flushed down the drain to prop up banks that should have, and could still, be bought up by their competitors.* Questionable foreign policy maneuvers.* Transparently fictitious tax cuts.* Transparently fictitious spending cuts.* Inept appointments to Cabinet positions.* Factually sparse budget proposals.* Questionable handling of nationals security and terrorism issues.* Pandering to religious groups.* It is, as Goose said to Maverick, a target-rich environment.

This isn't newsworthy, it isn't particularly interesting, it barely rises to the level of trivia. I'm not going to support it by linking to any article referencing Obama's mustard problem. Instead, I'm going to chastise all you silly internet people who concerned yourselves with this.

* It is not a defense to say that President Bush did this first. We wanted "change," remember?

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trumwill said...

I couldn't agree more on the ridiculousness of the Republican mocking on Obama on this basis.

The Huffington Post rightly took the Republicans to task on this... and then went on to suggest that people that like ketchup are immature.

I didn't realize my taste in condiments was reflective of my elitism or maturity. Since I don't like ketchup or dijon mustard, I suppose I should take all this as a compliment?

Then again, I like swiss on a Philly Cheesesteak, which in 2004 was purely an indication that John Kerry was out of touch.