May 8, 2009

Confirmed: Pelosi Knew About Torture In 2002

Dick Cheney at least has the intellectual honesty to say, "Yeah, I knew about torture, and I'm glad we did it." Not that I excuse that -- it's a morally reprehensible position.

Nancy Pelosi, though, was briefed about the torture in September of 2002. She didn't say anything about it then -- and then later, she lied about her knowledge to try and use the torturing of prisoners as a political football.

Shame on you, Madam Speaker. Yes, you were in the minority party in 2002, and yes, memories of 9/11 were still fresh then. Neither excuses you for saying nothing then, and neither excuses you for trying to use this issue for advantage now.

Your objection could have done some good despite your minority status -- it could have made some other people stop and think about what they were doing after they heard an objection.

To torture our prisoners was wrong. It was wrong in 2002, it would be wrong now. The people in power who ordered it are the most blameworthy. But this puts you in a not-very-distant second.

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