March 25, 2009

White House Question Time

President Obama has opened up the White House website for "question time," promising to answer the most popular questions on a smorgasboard of issues during his weekly online video address. Very cool. A quick check at the White House website, however, reveals something quite amusing -- the most popular questions for every subject, from the budget, to job creation, to green jobs, to foreign relations, all concern the legalization of marijuana.

If pot smokers put half as much effort into their lives as they do into their efforts to grouse about legalization (and finding ways to evade drug tests), they'd rule the world. As it is, a lot of former pot smokers do quite well for themselves. Which doesn't change my belief that yes, the stuff should be decriminalized. I just find it funny that here, again, one encounters fanatics who can somehow relate anything to their pet issue -- and that they're trying to force the President to respond to them.

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