March 12, 2009

For The Wife: A Recipe

Use a cocktail tumbler, sometimes called an old-fashioned glass. Do not use a pint glass such as one might use for drinking water or beer.

First, fill the glass loosely with ice cubes, maybe two-thirds full.

Then, pour in about one-half of the glass with non-flavored vodka. After that, add in a little bit less than half of that amount of KahlĂșa. Stir ice, vodka, and KahlĂșa together until well-mixed.

To finish, fill up the rest of the glass with cream or milk, poured in slowly to float on top of the mixture. Do not stir again; instead allow the cream to gradually mingle with the liquor on its own terms. Abide.


Becky said...

Next time I'll just wait for you. But really, what's wrong with a very strong drink?

Michael Reynolds said...

Place whiskey in glass. Drink. Repeat.

Burt Likko said...

For that one, I sometimes like rocks.

zzi said...

The dude abides