March 2, 2009

Fantastic End Of Dinner

We Americans are used to sweet desserts. But I think that an after-dinner treat doesn't need to be sweet to be fantastic. And I treated myself to my favorite after-dinner treat tonight. Here are the ingredients:

1 ripe pear, cut into slices
5-6 raw walnuts
1 medium hunk of Parmesano Reggiano cheese (maybe one inch square,preferably cut from near the center of the wheel)
5 oz. good white wine

Separate the cheese into small, irregular pieces by stabbing the cheese from the top down with your knife and twisting it until a fragment of the cheese breaks off. If you're going to be slow and savor it, you might want to treat the pears with a lemon juice solution to keep their meat white and firm. Consume the individual ingredients separately, but allow their tastes to overlap.

Seriously, I'd rather have that for dessert than a chocolate cake.

1 comment:

Michael Reynolds said...

Famous Italian saying:

Al contadino non far sapere quanto รจ buono il formaggio con le pere.

Which I don't need to translate for you.