December 4, 2005

It's Like There's A Plan

Remember that scene from Rocky IV, the one where Sylvester Stallone comes up with the brilliant strategy of not fighting back while Dolph Lungren just whales all over him? His strategy was to get the other boxer tired so that later, he wouldn't be able to fight back while he, well-rested from having the hell beaten out of him, would land a knockout punch.

That looks like what the Green Bay Packers are up to. After losing their tenth game this year, it is clear that we are angling for high draft picks in next year's draft for some reason. We already have Aaron Rogers, who is supposed to be the next Carson Palmer. So apparently we need someone else coming up in college other than a quarterback -- a running back to replace Ahman Green, maybe? And are there any running backs graduating from college this year who have attracted much attention? Not to step on Mel Kiper's game, but this may be the future: "Rogers.... throws it to Bush! And he could... go... all... the... way! Touchdown Packers!"

Well, here's hoping next year, even when things look way different than they do now, we can realize success.


Salsola said...

Rocky IV, Huh?

Burt Likko said...

Or was it Rocky III? Was that his strategy against Mr. T? I forget now.