December 26, 2005

Get Back To Work, TL

Today was not a work day. What did I do with my holiday, at home with The Wife?
  • I graded papers for my online classes. (I'm almost done with that now and just procrastinating completing it because it is tedious.)
  • I helped The Wife re-write her resume.
  • In the process of this, we discovered that The Wife's rebuilt computer will not boot. I became unreasonably angry at this because it took so long to get the damn thing fixed and it was nothing but tension and stress between The Wife and I while it was broken, resulting in my getting the laptop and The Wife using my desktop; now to discover that all that expense and stress was for a computer that will not boot is quite upsetting.
  • I searched for a new job. I found seven potential jobs that I would be qualified for and where my resume will not be laughed out of contention. I am probably overqualified for several of them.
  • Logged on to the system at work, saw recent filings in my Federal cases via e-mail, and left a few messages for my co-workers since I will not be in the office for much of tomorrow owing to four depositions.
  • Called the insurance agent to inquire about alternative quotes for homeowners' insurance, to no avail since of course the office was closed.
  • Began figuring out how to get stuff moved from The Estate At Louisville to La Casa TL et Uxor. A company called "Two Men And A Truck" (or one of its competitors) figures prominently in these plans.
  • For fun, I corresponded with my former law partner about fantasy football, in which our team is 19 points in the lead going in to the final game, with some tough choices to make to end things.
  • When I tried to have a little more fun and played my video game, The Wife asked me to proofread her torts outline for her paralegal class -- twenty-three pages of basic review material for a lawyer, but important to her, so I did it without complaint. After all, the Wife has been diligent about her studies and job-seeking efforts; I should be more like her than I am.
So if I complete my school work, I might just be able to go have a little more fun and play a little more of that game. But overall, today was a big "blah" of a day. After such an enjoyable holiday yesterday, it seems like a letdown. But nothing really bad happened; I just got frustrated at the computer and aside from that, there wasn't much of a big deal one way or the other. I couldn't care less about the Patriots at the Jets on Monday Night Football; it doesn't affect the post-season, it doesn't affect the Packers, it doesn't meanintfully affect the fantasy football league.

It would be wise for me to get to bed by ten tonight, so that I can get up tomorrow and return to work. For that to happen, I'll need to finish my schoolwork.

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