December 13, 2010

One Game Of Pictionary

One game of Pictionary is all it took to remind me that my head is so full of esoteric, strange, random knowledge and/or trivia that it can be difficult at times to communicate with others who have more mainstream sorts of daily activities. I need that sort of grounding from time to time because the critical skill for my work is explaining esoteric, strange, sometimes counter-intuitive concepts to people who think in the mainstream nearly all of the time. Fortunately, this reminder can sometimes be delivered in a safe, humorous environment, by friends and a lovely Wife who mean well. May all of your course corrections come in such a way, Readers!

1 comment:

Dan said...

I feel your pain. I have a firm grasp on a wealth of utterly useless, abstruse and obscure arcana, interesting only to myself and applicable to almost nothing.