December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice To All

The winter solstice has been an occasion for celebration around the world and throughout time.

So whether you celebrate Inti Raymi, Sanghamitta, Jul, Hogmanay, Shab-e Yaldâ, Modranicht, Lenæa, Karachun, Chanukkah, Beiwe, Ameratsu, Zagmuk, Montol, Sviatki, Dongzhi, Makara Sankranti, Meán Geimhridh, Şeva Zistanê, Ghambar Maidyarem, Soyal, Chronia, Natalis Domini, Dzon'ku 'Nu, Choimus, Perchta, Blót, Goru, Sol Invictus, Ziemassvētki, Lohri, Brumalia, Rozhanitsa, Maruaroa o Takurua, We Tripantu, Lá an Dreoilín, or Lussi,* have a happy, safe, and joyous solstice-related celebration–along with the rest of humanity.

* Kwanzaa is not included in this list because to my knowledge they are not intended to coincide with the winter solstice. Islam has no winter holiday because it uses a lunar calendar and thus the solstice is not important to Muslims. Kwanzaa celebrators and Muslims are welcome to educate me if I am incorrect.

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