January 4, 2010

McDonald's Mayhem

Twenty-four year-old Melodi Dushane, of Toledo, Ohio, really wanted some Chicken McNuggets.  Don't judge her for that -- we've all been there.  But when she got to the McDonald's and found that they were out, her response was not disappointment.  It was not to take her business to Hardee's across the street.  It was not even to bad-mouth McDonald's for its inability to meet her desires as a consumer.

She punched right through the drive-through window.  My guess is she hurt herself more than she surprised the clerk.  She's been charged with felony vandalism.

Now if it had been me, I'd probably have ordered a McChicken sandwich off the dollar value menu and thought of it as a reasonable substitute.  But apparently, when you're jonesing for Chicken McNuggets, there is no substitute.

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