January 13, 2010

Like You Needed More Proof

Yes, Pat Robertson is nuts.  The sky is also blue at noon on a clear day, water is wet, and heavy stones placed on slippery slopes will tend to move down rather than up.  If you need any other pressing questions of that caliber cleared up, try Wikipedia.

What Haiti needs is not a lecture about Satan or any amount of prayers or our collective astonishment that anyone still assigns the remotest bit of credibility to this weirdo.  Right now, Haiti needs doctors and food and medicineHere's where you can help make that happen. I gave, so can you.

What Haiti needs in the long run is a return to the rule of law, the restoration of some kind of educational system available to all its children, and an uncorrupted government with leaders who have been trained in American, Canadian, British, or French universities in things like urban planning, agriculture, and political science.  That won't happen overnight.

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