December 5, 2009

Weekend Weirdness, Volume VIII

Straight from Tokyo to your next ballroom event: Atuendos Hechos con Globos!  (Related: Domo-kun on the runway.)

An interesting factoid about Chelsea Clinton's fiance.  So much for the myth of a classless society in America, as if anyone ever believed that anyway.

Geopolitics, graphically depicted.  And grievously incomplete.

And you thought you knew couples who had difficulty trying to conceive.  Had you ever given any thought to Superman and Lois Lane?  (Just how stoned was Larry Niven when he wrote this, anyway?)

Ah, June in the midwest.  Temperate!

Twilight -- ten years later.

The domain name is  Content unrelated to title.

I know what a mermaid is -- half woman, half fish.  (Actually, half whale, as depicted in the Disney movie, didn't Ariel's tail move up and down instead of left to right?)  But what if the woman is really half squid?  Does that make her a calamariad?  And what if she's half-snake?  (Then she's a damn sexy Bollywood star.)  Or what if she's, you know, recently hatched from an egg?

And to end on a good note: The Wife assures me that all goats, whether young or old, rotund or thin, can be described as cute fat baby goats.


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