December 22, 2009

Disturbing Use Of Photoshop

Among other sources for sports news, I sometimes read Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner NFL blog.  This week, that blog used the graphic posted at the left to advertise its live chat for the Monday night football game between Washington and the New York Football Giants.  Which I didn't think much about until I looked at it twice.  Then I said -- huuuh?

On the left is a picture of David Diehl, an offensive lineman, who usually plays tackle for the Giants.  On the right is what appears to be a Washington Redskins cheerleader.

Who has no breasts. 

Look closer, on the right.  I've about doubled the size, so some resolution has been lost, but otherwise I've not altered the picture from what was published on the intertubes Monday evening.  The little halter-top thingy she's wearing appears to go across where her nipples ought to be, but they just aren't there.  As best I can figure out, this is altered in some way; the breasts of this otherwise-attractive woman have been either airbrushed or photoshopped out, leaving a hairless, thin, frame in which ribs can be discerned and no shape of breasts can be seen.

Maybe she's jumping?  Or arching her back really far?  That would move the girls around so that they aren't quite as large-looking and not where we would expect them to be -- but I wouldn't think to this extent.

Now, some women have had masectomies, and other women are not endowed with large breasts.  A look at the official roster of the Washington Redskins cheerleaders website* reveals that each of the women on the dance squad does, in fact, have breasts.  Not all of them are D-cups, but they've all got them.

So who is this?  Is this a transvestite?  Okay, I guess a transvestite can dance and cheer, too -- but trannies, as far as I can tell, would go to some effort to make sure that they projected an external image of femininity and that involves wearing "falsies."

No, I think someone, for some strange reason, photoshopped a picture of an otherwise-attractive cheerleader to make her look like this.  Maybe he dated her and it didn't work out.

* I'm there for you, Readers, always ready to do difficult, tedious research projects like that.


Friendly Technocrat said...

This is a really bad photoshop job. The proportions are all wrong. As an artist, I can tell you that the height of the head from the chin to the top of the head should fit about twice between the chin and the belly button. What they did is truncate the chest and shrink the torso vertically. WHY?

Libertarian Advocate said...

Is it possible that we're looking at a TG here?