April 14, 2009

This Is Why You Use One Computer At Home And Another At Work

In the midst of a rather nasty intra-party squabble, the Virginia Republican Party somehow wound up listing a video of what looks like Spanish-language hotel porn of two very attractive women making out and giggling over sex toys on its YouTube channel as its favorite video.

Methinks a staffer got a little bit lazy, hazy, drunk, and maybe high late at night, and mixed up his private and professional YouTube accounts. With the results you can see.

So, I warn you. Do not click on this link unless you want to see a four-minute video of a really good-looking woman seducing and kissing another really good-looking woman. Sponsored (briefly) by the Virginia Republican Party. With surprisingly good lighting and sound quality.

My problem with the thing is, the video clip ends just as things were getting really good.

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