April 14, 2009

Congratulations To My Friend

A buddy of mine was recently invited to write for right-wing entertainment site Big Hollywood. His first-ever post made the hit parade at memeorandum. Here I was all proud to have accumulated nearly 100,000 hits over the past nearly four years; my friend will probably get 100,000 hits within 24 hours. Ironic. But good for him, I say -- he's on a well-promoted website and he's a good writer with something interesting to say, so he's earned it. Go check it out; it's not Culture11, but my friend's column, at least, is also not what you'd expect. (If you liked what was going on at Culture11 and were kind of bugged by it when Kuo pulled the plug because the authors didn't toe the right-wing line, check out the authors' successor blog, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.)

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