October 16, 2007

Go Rockies

It's damn near impossible, even for a Dodger fan like me, to not be impressed by the Colorado Rockies. They've improbably come up from the basement of the NL west, won 21 of their last 22 games to scrape in to the playoffs, and swept the Phillies and the D-Backs in the post-season. This is an incredible run anytime (that's one loss in the last month) but if you're going to peak, yeah, this is kind of the time to do it. They'll rest until at least Saturday, depending on how long the Cleveland-Boston series in the ALCS takes. But I'll be pulling for Todd Helton (a longtime favorite on my fantasy baseball teams) and his Rockies in the World Series whether they play the BoSox or the Indians. How can you not root for a team like that?

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