October 25, 2007

A Diplomatic Coup

Citizens, rest easy. Your leaders are protecting you. And they are doing it through diplomacy, not force of arms. That's right, we've now reached a maritime search-and-seize accord with Mongolia, in case a rogue actor within the Mongolian merchant marine fleet tries to smuggle a weapon of mass destruction in to an American port.

This despite the fact that Mongolia possesses no open-water ports, and indeed precious little water of any sort.

Look, I'm not knocking Mongolia. They did their part and sent a couple dozen guys to help out in Iraq (the second time Mongolians have invaded there). Just not much of a naval threat, is all I'm saying.


Orange Phantom said...

if the Mongolians partner up with the Swiss Navy, we could be in BIG trouble...

Salsola said...

Mongolia, cool.