July 6, 2007


In law school, I was taught that when a case involves something really awful the government is doing, but the court doesn’t want to actually speak out on the issue, it spends a lot of time explaining why the plaintiffs don’t have standing to complain about the government behaving badly before throwing the case out of court, without ever reaching the merits of the suit. That’s exactly what the the Sixth Circuit did today – the judicial equivalent of punting.


zzi said...

Why is the font small on certain posts? Now I'm on a PC. Maybe thats is the reason. But remember 95% are on Windows.

zzi said...

Dear Sir,
After reading this post, can you write this so more than 95% of us can follow? It's too legalizes.

I was able to get though "Men in Black"

Burt Likko said...

I'll admit to a grammar mistake, which I've cleaned up, and I've provided a wikipedia link so you can easily learn about the concept of "standing." But for the most part, I would like my posts to stand for themselves, and if they are difficult to understand, then that's the merit (or lack thereof) of the post.

As for the size, sometimes I see a news story or get a bright idea when I'm not able to make a nice, beautiful looking post because I need to be doing something else. There is a function that lets me e-mail ideas to the blog, so I use that to get my thought out there quickly, and then I can go back later and clean it up. When that happens, the posting formats are often very inconsistent for reasons that I do not pretend to know. I typically go back and clean it up later when I have time, but if you catch the blog while it's in that "hammock" period you might see some posts that don't adhere to the format standards. Nothing to get excited about.

Also for reasons that I've not figured out yet, posts that I intended to go to Oval Office 2008 wound up here on my personal blog. You may notice that those, too, have been cleaned up.

zzi said...

Concerning the font. On Mac OS everything looks uniform (Firefox)

emailing to your blog? Wow!