July 6, 2007

Lucky or Just That Good?

Hillary Clinton, for all her national prominence, name recognition, lightning-rod fame, and not inconsiderable legislative experience, seems to step into a room that's had all the air sucked out of it whenever she gives a speech.

But somehow, Barack Obama found a way to resonate with transcendental meditation enthusiasts in Iowa with his regular stump speech. Maybe that's why he raised more money than his primary rival for the Democratic nomination last quarter. I'm starting to wonder (and hope) if a Clinton nomination isn't as inevitable as I had thought. Not that I want any Democrat to win, but if it must be a Democrat, let's at least not have another Clinton, just to avoid creating the historical impression of a two-family dynasty running the country for a quarter century or more. Besides, Obama is getting all kinds of support from hotties singing very amusing hip-hop love songs.

(Cross-posted, without my personal opinions, at Oval Office 2008.)

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