September 3, 2006


Hi there! I'm really cute. I'm also clever and naughty. My name is Karma but I have the mad escape skillz of Harry Houdini.

See, what happened was that my Mommy and Daddy were busy for much of the day building some coffee table thing. They got tired and took a break right around my dinnertime. (And my sisters' dinnertime, too, but that's not important right now). So then they let us out after dinner like they always do so my big sister Sassafras and I could do our business.

They thought the back yard was a secure place to leave us unattended. It is to laugh -- and I did laugh, ha ha! The side door has a full twelve inches of clearance on the bottom, which is more than enough for me to get out. Which is exactly what I did.

Sassafras barked at me, but she's too big to get under the gate like I can. She thinks she can boss me around and be top dog just because she's bigger. But I can get out and be free, and she's too big and clumsy to do that. So I laughed again, ha ha! I was free!

So then I walked up and down the street like where mommy and daddy walk me from sometimes. There were lots of people in different houses and they all had their own smells. Some of them were nice and if they gave me people food and loving, I'm not telling.

I don't even know how long I was gone before my mommy noticed I wasn't in the back yard. But I know that mommy and daddy went looking for me. Daddy walked around on the hot asphalt in his bare feet calling my name, and Mommy drove around in the car. But she couldn't avoid other things on the road and still look for me, so they got back together, and Daddy drove around, and Mommy and Sassafras went looking for me all over town. They said later that they were worried about me not having my tags on my collar because Sassafras keeps trying to tear it off my neck -- so I think that means I have to get a Los Angeles County dog license and tags soon. At least that's what Daddy said to me tonight when he let me write on his blog.

So they found me wandering around a construction site near home. I was only five houses away; I don't know what they were so worried about. They seemed friendly and happy to see me when they called me into the car; and after all, why would I leave a place that gives me so much food and so many treats? I was gonna come back, assuming I could remember which house it was.

And it gets worse. Daddy set up a bunch of ceramic tiles on my escape route and he says that they're going to buy some "river rocks" to replace them soon. Now I can't get under the gate anymore. I'm gonna have to find a new way out. I haven't figured it out yet, but I'll do it. Daddy isn't nearly as clever or determined as me.

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