September 17, 2006

Chipotle Marmalade

A friend came over tonight, and we had to set up some nosh. One thing I really like is pepper jelly and cream cheese. But, we couldn't find any pepper jelly at Trader Joe's, so we had to do a substitute.

It turned out to be surprisingly simple. Four ounces of orange marmalade and one tablespoon of chipotle powder. For an extra taste and texture bonus, I sliced up some cucumbers on top of the cream cheese. It was really tasty and yummy -- the marmalade gave a tangy, citrus flavor and the chipotle powder was smoky and spicy.

We never got to the salad at all -- it has a lot of stuff including greens, alfalfa, pomegranate seeds, cranberries, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, and persian cucumbers. It ought to be good.

We'll use the other half of the marmalade at some point this week for crepes. We've done lemon crepes a lot; I'll look forward to the different taste of orange crepes.

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Pamela said...

It sounds soo good...