April 17, 2006

Home Improvements

To give you Loyal Readers an idea of what we've done recently, here is a picture of the spare bedroom. This is just a detail, showing one corner of the spare bedroom. Previously, there was beige pile carpeting with plain moulding. Now, you can see the laminate floor and the quarter-round, mitre-cut to fit nicely in the corner of the room by TL himself. With able assistance from The Wife and TL's dad, the job got almost done in a day, and now only awaits the final detail -- the door threshold -- to be complete.

And here is the master bathroom. I include two pictures -- to the left is "before" and below this paragraph is "after," so you Loyal Readers can see the effect of adding the chair rail. The "after" picture should be expandable to view in greater detail; the other pictures are compressed normally, and focuses on the chair rail. The chair rail provides a better separation between the two colors of paint on the walls; now with the rail in place, the two-color scheme works well. I think it's a very "Fer-ench" look. We've been wanting to get this done for some time now, and this has been one of those tasks that were small enough that we kept on putting it off as not urgent enough, and just large enough that we didn't want to get started until we found time to devote to the project. The imminent showing of the house was probably the impetus we needed to get the job crossed off the "to do" list.

As The Wife points out, the prospective buyers were here for at least an hour and spent some time standing in the street speaking to someone else who we assume was the real estate salesperson. Hopefully, our hard work has paid off and they were talking about putting in an offer. We've tried very hard to make La Casita look inviting and homey. All our guests have commented on what a good job The Wife has done in making the place look nice, and that can only be to our advantage now. Hopefully, we can get in and out of escrow quickly and look forward to returning to California in June!


Anonymous said...

So, I see it's not actually a "rail" onto which one can grab; it's a decorative flourish. In TN, isn't that sort of a pearl before swine?

So before you guys come over, I'll probably have to vacuum or something. Maybe even sweep.

Becky said...

NO, don't do that! You're with child. Let Salsola sweep, it'll help him develop big ol' biceps.